12-month Service & Benefits

When you hire Pro Lawn Care, you're hiring years of experience in the lawn care business. Quality is important to us at every step of the process in caring for your property, that is why each step is followed up by an inspection.

We take care of you all 12 months of the year!

Spring Clean-up

We power rake your turf to remove any surface thatch as well as other winter debris. We power sweep your front boulevard to remove the awful sand and grit left from winter plowing. To finish it neat and tidy, we professionally edge along the curb and sidewalks. Now your lawn is all ready for a healthy growing season.

Pro Lawn Care Signature Edging

Our precision edging will turn your tattered and overgrown lawn edges into clean edges, bringing a brighter curb appeal to your home - instantly!

GREAT for a neater look for curbs and walkways – anywhere lawn meets a hard surface. This service is included standard with our seasonal lawn LANDSCAPING package. But, wait! The Do-It-Yourself or DIY homeowner can benefit as well. Call us about our biweekly and monthly programs.

Spring Lawn Rolling

We roll your turf with a heavy roller to smooth out any high and low areas brought on by frost during the winter months. This step is optimized if followed by aeration.

Spring/Fall Aeration

Give your lawn a chance this year with an aeration. It will loosen up heavily compacted soil, break up thatch, promote root growth and allow oxygen and water to enter the root system. This is best done before you apply any fertilizer to your lawn.

Spring/Fall Power Slit Seeding

Slit-seeding cuts small vertical grooves in your lawn to break up thatch and open soil for direct seed-soil contact. Not only will you see new seed germination in 7-10 days, but you will have a thick, lush lawn capable of competing against weeds! Our endophyte enhanced (what's that?) grass seed is insect resistant - keeping those hungry chinch bugs and sod webworms at bay.

Pro Lawn 4 x 4 Premium Grounds Maintenance

As soon as your grass reaches 4 inches in height
(generally weekly) it gets treated to 4 professional services:
1. Cutting
2. Trimming
3. Edging along any curbs and sidewalks (our signature service)
4. Blowing off any debris from your driveway and walkways.
You can choose to pay per visit, or go 4x4 Unlimited and pay one small monthly fee which covers you for unlimited visits over the season. We’ve built our business and developed a solid reputation for manicuring a property to the highest standards level (even for the tightest budgets)! You can rest assured to be the envy of your neighbourhood!

Our Fertilizer Treatments

We have a wide variety of fertilizers to choose from to make a tailor-made lawn program specifically for your turf, everything from slow release synthetic fertilizers to 100 percent organic fertilizers.

Weed Control

We can't stand those invasive little pests as much as you do. We will do our best to minimize the unwanted weeds in your lawn and on your property.

Residential Snow Plowing/Blowing

Our 6x2 unlimited package covers you from Nov 1 – April 30 with a 2-inch trigger. We are equipped with compact tractors using blowers so you won't be left with any unsightly snow piles or turf damage at the end of your drive/laneway.

Commercial Snow Plowing and Salting

Our commercial 6x2 unlimited package covers you from Nov 1 – April 30 with a 2-inch trigger. As soon as 2-inches of snow has accumulated our operators will start plowing. We can also provide salting so your customers always have safe access to your business!

Call us today to "green-up" your lawn without a cost to the environment!

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"Pro Lawn Care has taken care of my lawn and property service for over 4 years. They always deliver what they say, when they say it. Without them I would not be able to care for my outdoor space. Thanks Pro Lawn Care!"

Pro Lawn Care Professional Service

Something you can expect consistently throughout
the year. Give us a call today at 1 855.787.LAWN (5296) and say hello to a greener world!